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Our Services

As a counseling center we offer a variety of counseling styles, as well as weight loss services

in conjunction with Elite Metabolic Centers of Georgia.

Counseling Services

Individual Counseling with all age groups

Couples/Marriage Counseling

Family Counseling

Parent Counseling

Christian Counseling

Play Therapy



Drug & Alcohol Assessment and individual treatment


And more.....

Weight Loss 

In cooperation with Elite Metabolic Centers of Georgia, we are here to help you build a better future for yourself! During your consultation, we put together a customized plan for your individual needs while diving into your past weight management efforts, your motivations & discovering your strengths!! Help control your cravings & reduce your appetite to achieve significant weight loss with the FDA-Approved prescription Peptide Semaglutide for weight management! Click here for more information.

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Ask an Expert

Specialty Areas


Adolescents / ADHD

Anxiety Disorders & Depression

Behavior Problems

Christian Counseling

Victims of Domestic Violence

Change of Life Transition

ESA documentation

Grief Counseling

LGBTQ Counseling

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


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