Bill Ratliff


Pastoral Counselor/Life Coach

Life’s issues are difficult. Clergy are often like first responders, as hurting people come to work out the demands of everyday life. As a pastor for 35 years and a Board-Certified Christian Counselor I have certainly found that to be true. Pastoral counseling focuses on healing hurts in a person’s past to help them solve problems in their present life. When healing occurs people can move forward to all that God has intended for them. Life Coaching focuses on a person’s future to train, guide, encourage, motivate, and hold them accountable so that they can fulfill God’s purpose for their life and accomplish their goals. I have worked extensively with marriage issues, having led marriage retreats and seminars. I do marital and pre-marital counseling. I also work with families, adolescents, and men, helping them with grief and loss, anger management, and life transitions, which include caring for aging parents and those with developmental disabilities.