Jerry Cox


“I don’t judge, talk to you in phony psychobabble, or give up. I am about authenticity, insight, and empowerment. There are utilities inside of us that lead us toward growth. Sometimes we lose sight of our own capacities. I am good at helping people use those utilities to take charge of their lives. Life should not be about coping; it should be about possibilities!

I respect all people, including members of the LGBTQ community. While I work with adults and adolescents, I especially like working with teenagers in crisis. I find that teenagers often cope with feelings of sadness, anger, and uncertainty in ways that seem crazy. My approach is designed to introduce thoughtfulness and intentionality to their lives.”

M.A., Educational Psychology and Counseling, Tennessee Tech; EdS Counseling, University West Georgia; Ph. D. Interdisciplinary, Therapon University.

Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia; National Board-Certified Counselor, NBCC. Certified in School Counseling and Behavior Disorders by the Georgia Department of Education.